Deprecating LAMA 1.X: Time to say good-bye!

updated Aug 21, 2015: if you want to buy, you can. See bottom of this page

LAMA is on the road for five years now, started as a 10.5 universal binary, currently being a >=10.6.8 64bit only system.

Today I have to announce, that I am no longer developing with the current codebase. I think, LAMA has reached a point where rewrites would be a better idea than refactorings. There are many feature requests and extensions pending, especially OpenGL support.

What does it mean?

  • LAMA is no longer available for sale. (except you ask)
  • There will be support and bugfix-updates for existing customers.
  • Support for 1.X will end in August 2015

Will there be a 2.0?

I hope so. I think, application design, architecture & spirit are good - and I will reuse these ideas in 2.0 (which makes me confident it is realistic to reach this goal).

Upgrades will be free for customers who purchased LAMA after June 1, 2013.

Why such a radical decision?

This decision is not radical. Every software product needs to change together with its host operating system. I just want to communicate things open and clear.

As I mentioned, the 1.X branch will be bugfixed, so please report bugs if you experience any.

I really want to buy!

You can buy a license for LAMA 1.4, but please read and understand the following:

  • LAMA 1.4 will not be compatible with OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)
  • There will be no support or bugfixes after Aug 2015.
  • There is no guarantee if LAMA 2.0 will be released.

If you are still convinced you want to buy this software, follow this link to buy.