LAMA is alive again!

As many of you know, LAMA 2.0 is in the making for about two years now - and I need to confess that it won't finish. However, I would like to bring the work that has been done on LAMA2 back to LAMA 1.X.

I have released LAMA 1.5 today, a version that brings mainly adaptions to modern macOS versions, it has some minor changes in the UI but under the hood it remains mostly the same. However, it will be the foundation for future updates for LAMA that I really hope to be able to deliver in the next time.

There are some changes in the licensing system too, the shop has moved over to Fastspring, that works quite good for Horae and I hope I'll have some synergies here too.

If you find any bugs or have any other valueable feedback on this version, I'll be happy to hear from you.