The Input Patch Matrix

Input Patch

The Input Patch Matrix is the connection between the physical Audio device Inputs and the Inputs seen to Instruments in LAMA and it is the place where Channel Name Aliases can be assigned. Let's imagine there is a Measurement Mic input on your system - one day it is connected to input "Analog 1" of your system, the other day to "Analog 8". Instead of re-assigning all instrument inputs to "Analog 8" simply re-patch destination channel "Analog 1" to physical input "Analog 8". For convenience re-name this input to something like "Measurement Mic" - this is the input name that instruments will show in audio-input menus.


Patching the inputs is easy: the columns in the matrix represent the physical sources, the rows are the inputs which are seen by the instruments - and which are displayed in an instrument's Input menu.

Channel Name Aliases

Naming an input channel

It is possible to assign an Alias Name to a channel - this name will also show up in the input menus then. To do so, simply double-click the destination name: a small window will appear which allows to enter the alias name for the desired channel.