SPL Meter

SPL Meter

The included Sound Pressure Level meter is able to do:

  • Sound Pressure Level Measurement in dB(A), dB(B) or dB(C) weighting.
  • SLOW or FAST response.
  • LEQ Measurement.

Logging functionality


You can log the Sound Pressure Level History and export data later as CSV file.

LEQ Measurement & Prediction

LEQ is the Equivalent Continuous Sound Pressure Level or sound exposure level. It is displayed and logged, and also a prediction of the LEQ-level is given.

HTTP Server

Sound Pressure Level Meter, HTTP Server

Authorities, co-workers or production management needs to keep track of sound-levels and their history too? There is a solution for that:

When running OS X 10.8 or above, LAMA comes with an integrated HTTP Server that delivers the current SPL data and long-term logging data as XML to every device on your local network or even the internet.

The HTML output can be tweaked on your demands by simple editing of some HTML files. For those who do not want to, there is a template that makes this feature working right out of the box - displaying current levels, a three minute sort term-log and a long term log.


Of course, the SPL-Meter needs to be calibrated before it can be used. This can either be done with a professional calibration device (devices that expose your Mic to a reference level of usually 94dBSPL at 1kHz) or -if you are not interested in exact absolute levels by simply comparing the level to an other SPL-Meter. However - LAMA has some mechanisms to calibrate your setup along with your needs.