Aux Inputs and Summing Channels


Aux Inputs & Summing Channels are additional stereo channels that are available in LAMA next to the "native" input channels of your audio interface.

  • Aux Inputs: This is either File Player, Net Receive or Signal Generator.
  • Summing Channels: Create the Sum and Difference of two other channels (including Aux Inputs)

CPU Power

Aux Inputs and Summing Channels use CPU-Power, so it is recommended to deactivate them when not required. For Aux Inputs, closing the window is not sufficient -- you need to deactivate them in the Audio Settings window.

Audio Configuration Change

Creating or removing Aux Inputs or Summing Channels changes the audio configuration of LAMA and requires the audio-engine to be stopped and restarted. Therefore it is not possible to do so when a recorder is currently recording.

Notes about Aux Inputs

Audio Output

The signal of an Aux Input is also fed to the default stereo-output of your Macintosh. This can be changed with the Audio MIDI Setup application in your Utilities folder.

Sample Rate

Important: The Sample Rate of your default stereo-output device must match the sample rate of the input device LAMA. You will get wrong measurements when they differ. To change Sample Rate of the output device, use the Audio MIDI Setup application.