This article relates to LAMA version prior Build 1120. Newer version will run in 64 bit mode only. The issues addressed in this article relate to OS-Versions prior mac OS X 10.5

LAMA in 32bit mode

LAMA is a so called Fat-Binary Application. In the Application Bundle there is code for several CPU types: i386 (32-bit) and x86_64 (64-bit).

What are the advantages of 64 bits with LAMA?

Code is executed a little bit faster compared to 32 bits. The precision of the calculations remains the same.

Known issues with 64-bit code

Currently, there are some known issues when LAMA works in 64-bit mode.

  • The AUNetSend and AUNetReceive AudioUnits support only certain formats in 64-bit mode. As the Net Send and Net Receive functionality in LAMA requires those AUs, the functionality is limited when LAMA is in 64-bit mode.

Legacy Versions on OS X 10.5

  • Under Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) there is an issue where the “Continuos” and “Fill” Mode of the Spectrum Analyzer and the coherence display of the Transfer Analyzer might not work and can lead to a crash of the application.

When these issues affect you, you should start LAMA in 32-bit mode.

Launching in 32-bit mode

  • Select the LAMA Icon in the Finder.
  • Hit Command-I (Show Info) (or right click with the mouse)
  • Check the Open in 32-bit mode checkbox.
  • Restart LAMA