Migrating SPL Calibration and logs

When running on Mac OS X 10.6 no data migration is required.

With LAMA Version 1.4.0, the Application Bundle Identifier has changed from com.nobusiness-soft.LAMA to net.lama-audio.LAMA.

Due to this change, the Application Support folder of a LAMA version prior 1.4.0 is inaccessable for later version.

To gain access to the old SPL Calibration and log data, some files of the old folder must be coied to the new one:

  1. Make sure, the new LAMA Version has run aat least once, and quit LAMA.
  2. Hold down the alt key and select Go > Library in the Finder main menu,
  3. Navigate to: Library/Containers/com.nobusiness-soft.LAMA/Data/Library/Application Support/LAMA
  4. Copy spl_calibration.plist and spllogs.plist
  5. Paste them to Library/Containers/net.lama-audio.LAMA/Data/Library/Application Support/LAMA

As an alternative, you can open a Terminal Window and issue the following command:

    cp ~/Library/Containers/com.nobusiness-soft.LAMA/Data/Library/Application\ Support/LAMA/*.plist ~/Library/Containers/net.lama-audio.LAMA/Data/Library/Application\ Support/LAMA/

(Mind the blank space between *.plist and ~/Library)

After starting LAMA, your data will be available again.