LAMA 1.3 Build 1066

This version is checked and compatible with Snow Leopard. It remains compatible with PPC and Leopard.

New features

  • 64-Bit Version for Snow Leopard
  • SPL Meter Instrument does LEQ measurements now.
  • Sound Pressure Level Logging & export.
  • Net Send Instrument: creates audio network streams which can be received with LAMA’s Net Receive or any other audio application hosting the AUNetReceive audio unit.

User Interface

  • Black custom windows (if you want)
  • minor UI redesigns
  • Window Snapping
  • Fullscreen Mode
  • Instrument Parameter linking – snap two windows together and make them the same width or height and viewable parameters will be linked (where applicable, e.g. Frequency Range of a Spectrum Analyzer and a Spectral History Instrument)
  • Sticky Windows Feature: The lock symbol in the window titlebar turns this on or off. Sticky Windows will not be affected by workspace recalls.
  • “Update Workspace before Recall” setting in Preferences.