LAMA 1.32 Build 1100

New Features

  • The application is now named LAMA - LAMA Audio Measurement Application (It's a feature...)
  • The Level History Instrument shows Level Distribution
  • SPL Log Window: A Window holding all SPL Logs.
  • Big SPL Window: A SPL Meter can open Big Windows - they allow you to have a bigger numeric readout of the Sound Pressure Level. They can also work as a traffic light, as the text color can change with certain level thresholds.
  • Growl Notification when Audio Hardware or properties change. (For those of you fighting with loose Firewire connectors)
  • Meter: The table to show/hide a input channel can be controlled with the keyboard (use space bar to show or hide a channel)
  • Meter: You can check all channels to be shown or hidden by holding down alt when clicking one of the checkboxes in the table.
  • Meter orientation can be changed with a "rotate" gesture on trackpad or Magic Mouse.
  • Some Instruments are moveable by dragging the instrument background - fixes an issue where a vertical meter could become too narrow to be moved by dragging the titlebar.
  • The Instrument Settings View can be shown by double-clicking into the instrument background. If requested, LAMA's default behavior (showing the settings view by moving the mouse into the lower area of the window) can be disabled with the new show settings view only with double-click item in LAMA's Preferences.
  • More frequency labels are shown when there is sufficient space and the appropriate setting in the Preferences is checked.
  • SPL: LEQ Prediction - A prediction (based on the linear average of the last minute) of the expected LEQ value is displayed.


  • fixed a bug, where a SPL Instrument with a hidden log-area was not restored correctly. (The log-area was shown in this case)


  • Improved Goniometer display.
  • Solid lines for frequency scales are drawn at the same frequencies. (was dependent on the lowest frequency before).
  • The Info Panel can be closed (and shown again with Window - Info Panel).
  • Changed Meter Peak and RMS Fall Time (Peak: 1.7sec for 20dB, RMS: 20dB/sec).