LAMA 1.4.0 Build 1155

Requirements and Compatibility

  • This release requires Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. PowerPC machines are longer supported.
  • A 64-bit machine is required.
  • For full functionality and best experience it is recommended to use OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.


You will need to re-enter your serial number after this update when running on OS X 10.7 or 10.8!

  1. Open the LAMA > License Window and copy your serial into the clipboard.
  2. Save it into a textfile.
  3. Perform the update.
  4. Click the License button on the splash screen.
  5. Enter your serial again and click activate.

DO NOT perform the upgrade unless you have your serial at hand! (And those who haven't got one: Get one!)

This process is of technical nature as the application bundle identifier has changed to net.lama-audio.LAMA. Due to change of the bundle identifier, the old preference keys and Application Support Folder is unaccessible by the new application, see below.

Migration Notes

  • Changed Session File Format: old sessions will not be readable with this version on. Changed default file-extension to lasession.
  • SPL-Calibration and SPL log data will remain readable, but need to be transferred manually, please see migration notes on our website.

New Features:

  • User-Interface rework:
    • Using a new costum theming mechanismn without overrideing private system classes.
    • Much cleaner UI.
    • If available, a instrument-menu can be accessed via right-click on the instrument-settings button in the window titlebar.
  • Spectrum Analyzer Snapshots: snapshots of a spectrum can be made via the new Create Snapshots commend in the Spectrum Analyzer instrument-menu.

SPL Data Server (HTTP)

On machines running 10.8 and above, LAMA has the ability to spawn a HTTP server and serve Live-SPL-data to be viewed via every web-browser. This is working stable, but the delivered data format is subject to change until some more feedback from out in the wild is collected. Setup and customiztion requires some knowledge in HTML coding, to get started a article is availble on the LAMA homepage.


  • Code Refactorings: The application uses ARC now and has undergone a major rewrite of all core classes, which should give a good outlook for future OS updates.